Noob Fuse

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Join the crazy adventures of Noob.
This time he decided to take bombs, a lighter and blow up all the houses to take the cherished crystals.
You will have to visit many structures from the smallest to the largest and arrange a large-scale explosion!
Each house has a hidden cache in the form of a chest. Get to it and open it as soon as possible!

The goal of the game:
At each level, it is necessary to blow up buildings in such a way as to get to the chest with crystals (it will also need to be opened with an explosion).

PC Control:
RMB - put a block of dynamite / ignite with a lighter
Mouse wheel - change of objects
The number "1" on the keyboard - select dynamite
The number "2" on the keyboard - choose a lighter
WASD or arrows - movement
Space - jump

Control on a mobile device - game buttons on the sensor screen.




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